Whether you’re tired of your house looking the same or your new house just isn’t up to your expectations yet,  a little landscaping can do wonders for your home. We have the experts that can make miracles come alive.

What Services do You Offer?

We actually have quite a few services that we offer today. We offer patio and walk designs, installation, front entrance upgrades, landscape design, and commercial grounds maintenance. We are the perfect people for you if you have a project in mind. We know how to make dreams reality.

I Need a Reliable Company

Our team is dedicated to providing  top grade service on any task we perform for you. We’ve been involved in the landscaping industry since 1977, and we’ve grown over the last almost 40 years to be one of the largest landscaping companies in the area. We got here by providing high quality, reliable work every time.

I Don’t Know What I Want Exactly

This is a problem we encounter pretty much every day; you know you want something done but you are not  quite sure what it is. This is exactly why we offer 3-D design plans. Together, we can design a plan that will fit and accentuate your home. This decision is not one that you should approach carelessly. Putting your mind to the task of figuring out what you want included in your design is crucial. We work with you, offering advice and using our experience to create something magical.

If there is anything that our many years have taught us, it’s that every job is unique. We love that! We love making the landscaping that you have envisioned come to life. The team has grown and we have all improved over the years, ensuring that we can do the best job possible. We have  grown into new areas as well. We now offer landscaping installation in Lewis Center OH.

Give us a call today and schedule an appointment at 844-4McCoys. We’ll make your home the paradise you so long for.

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