tough paver patio in powell, oh - mccoy landscape services tough paver patio in powell, oh - mccoy landscape services
A paver patio is an expansion of the home—an outdoor space where memories are made that will last a lifetime. Without proper installation, pavers can settle and become uneven, creating sinking and tripping hazards. Your tough paver patio in Powell, OH will be built to last when installed correctly by the professionals at McCoy Landscape Services, Inc.

The installation begins with excavation, the most crucial part of the process. A good excavation is clean and flat, with loose soil removed and soft areas compacted. The location of the patio, patio use, and ground elevation all determine the depth of the excavation, with a minimum of seven inches below the top of the finished patio. Sloped ground could require a retaining wall.  A critical detail in the excavation process is to ensure that you over excavate past the perimeter at least 6” to keep the edges of the patio from moving and settling.

To begin the base installation, a geotextile fabric is placed between the soil and the gravel, followed by a mixture of angular and crushed gravel. The base is installed in two-inch layers and compacted with a vibratory compactor. The patio slope is then carefully set with the last layer of base material, with about one inch of vertical fall for every ten feet of horizontal distance from the house. One inch of bedding material, limestone fines or sand, is then laid.

Choosing the material and the design for the pavers can be an exciting part of the design process for your tough paver patio in Powell, OH, but the choice of paver also greatly effects the build and durability of the patio. A quality paver with the proper thickness and strength for your type of patio and geographic region should be chosen. The pattern choice can do more for a patio than aesthetic design—a Herringbone or Muster K pattern locks together, adding strength.

Installing an edge restraint retains the bottom half of the paver and bedding layer, and keeps the pavers from shifting laterally. Choosing a plastic edge restraint with a frost heave lip keeps the edging in place during the winter months, reducing the change of the edging from pushing up. Non-galvanized spikes are used to secure the edging—the rusting of the spikes underground creates friction which prevents the spikes from heaving up. The spikes are placed twelve inches apart, no further, and closer on curves and vehicular applications.

The pavers are next compacted with a vibratory plate compactor, pushing the betting material into the paver joints. Polymeric sand, engineered with an added polymer that prevents eroding and locks joints together, is installed and the paver tops are then carefully cleaned. Lastly, a light mist activates the polymer in the sand, and the reacting sand will become hard like an exterior grout, but will remain pliable and not crack during freezing and thawing.

Your tough paver patio in Powell, OH should be built to last. McCoy Landscape Services, Inc. can help you through the entire process, from design to installation, leaving you with a quality, durable, and stylish extension of your home.

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