Landscape Design and Installation in Marion, Delaware, and Powell, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Landscape Design and Installation

More and more, today’s homeowners are realizing the value of professional Landscape Design and Installation. Financial experts tell us that an attractive, well-maintained landscape can add 15% to the selling price of a home – allowing homeowners to recoup 100% or more of their landscaping expenditure. Even for those not planning to sell, landscaping creates an environment and look that adds immeasurably to the pride of home ownership. There’s no doubt that professional landscape development and maintenance can benefit every homeowner. But, in today’s competitive professional landscaping market, how can you be sure you’re choosing a company with the reputation, knowledge, and commitment to do the job right, at a price that lets you make the most of your landscaping budget?

The Art of Landscaping

Take one look at McCoy Landscape and we guarantee you’ll like what you see…

McCoy Landscape has refined the art of landscaping to achieve what we call ”simple elegance”. Simply put, that means we believe that less is more and avoid over-planting. We make sure your landscaping always accentuates your home’s architecture, while striving to create a colorful landscape for your home that is easy to maintain. Because we believe that landscaping is an individual process, we create a customized plan for each homeowner, based on your personal input. Whether you have specific landscaping ideas, or simply know you want a low-maintenance & vibrant yard, McCoy professionals work with you to create a plan tailored to your lifestyle, time-frames, and budget.

Highly-Trained Specialists

At McCoy Landscape Services, Inc., we know there’s more to landscaping than meets the eye. Our highly-trained specialists pride themselves on providing our custom Landscape Design and Installation, utilizing the latest techniques. But, our commitment to the customer goes even deeper! Established in 1977, McCoy Landscape has a long history of beautifying Central Ohio homes. From the beginning, the foundation of our company philosophy has always been customer service. We strive to assure that all of your requests receive a timely response and constantly work to exceed your expectations. In fact, we’re so committed to turnkey customer service that we’ve made it part of our customer policy. Our 24-Hour Callback Promise assures you that we will return all phone calls within a 24-hour period. So you know you’re receiving the attention you deserve whenever you have service requests, questions, or concerns.

 24-Hour Callback Promise

We’ll return your phone calls within 24 hours – you have our word on it! One look at a McCoy team at work, and you’ll know that professionalism is key in our operations. Our business complies voluntarily with Ohio certification standards, bringing up-to-the-minute knowledge and techniques to every job. Our landscape architects participate in ongoing education and are always up-to-date on the latest landscape trends and techniques. And we employ Ohio Certified Landscape Installers (OCLI), Ohio licensed pesticide applicators and employ the area’s first and only Certified Landscape Professional (CLP). In addition, all of our employees adhere to McCoy’s stringent standards for quality workmanship and attention to customer service. You can always be sure the McCoy teams are prompt, responsive, attentive to detail, and considerate of important factors like site clean-up and follow-up.

Initial Consultation

We start every job by making sure we have a complete understanding of your landscaping goals; time frames and budget. We’ll sit down with you to discuss how you want your property to look, and explore functional considerations to assure your landscaping fits your property and lifestyle.

Master Plan Development

Based on your input, our landscape architects use their extensive knowledge and experience to create a customized plan to fit your specifications and help you maximize your landscape budget.

Proposal Drafting

A full proposal including landscaping recommendations, costs and work schedule is prepared for your review. Many projects are completed in phases to help work within the client’s budget.

Preparatory Meeting

A second meeting is held with you to review the plan and proposal, and schedule a time to begin your Landscape Design and Installation project.

Follow Up

After completion of the job, McCoy Landscape follows up with you to assure your satisfaction with your new landscaping. Plus, our 24-Hour Callback Promise assures that we are always available to return your calls promptly and immediately address any issues or concerns you may have.

Contact McCoy Landscape today to schedule our Landscape Design and Installation, request a list of references or inquire further about any of our landscape management or development services.