Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen with McCoy Landscape Services

An outdoor kitchen can add value, style, and functionality to your home. The design team at McCoy Landscape Services can help you through the process, from the planning and budget stages to the functional and finished product. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect entertainment spot and is a great compliment to your paver patio in Powell, OH.

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

The process for planning an outdoor kitchen is not dissimilar from planning an indoor kitchen—in fact, some will choose to mirror both their outdoor and indoor kitchen spaces to continue their style choices throughout their home. Others choose a completely different style for their outdoor space. Whatever your style preference may be, the professionals at McCoy will help to make sure all the details have been planned, including budget, location, functionality, layout, and design.

What’s in Your Budget?

As with any project, the budget should be established early in the process. The budget should include room for cabinets, appliances, countertops, seating, and lighting, but should also include the need for outdoor access to water, electric, and gas. The location of the outdoor kitchen should also be considered when planning for the budget, as this might alter the type of outdoor materials for which the budget should include. Some countertops can crack when exposed to drastic weather changes, and this type of seasonal weather change can also damage cabinets. Certain stainless exteriors can be chosen to provide superior weather resistance over time against the elements.

The Layout of an Outdoor Kitchen

Functionality and layout also go hand-in-hand when planning your outdoor kitchen. The function of the space could be as simple as a grill with surrounding cabinets, or can be scaled-up to include all of the amenities of a chef’s kitchen. After determining how the kitchen should function, the layout can be planned. The kitchen should have four separate areas: hot, cold, wet, and dry. The hot area is where the food will be cooked and will need to include gas or electric, whereas the cooling area can house a refrigerator for food and drinks. The wet is where the sink is to be placed, and the dry area is for food and drink preparations. These areas can be laid out in any number of ways determined by your style and the outdoor space, and as an accompaniment to your paver patio in Powell, OH.

What Are My Options?

The options are limitless when it comes to the design of your outdoor kitchen. There are numerous selections of lighting, appliances, cabinets, and counters from which to choose, but there are also options like adding a bar, or a television entertainment area. Seating can be placed at the countertop, or a separate lower seating area. The Designers at McCoy Landscape will help guide you through the design process, from choosing durable outdoor materials to planning the best seating arrangement for your guests.

An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your paver patio in Powell, OH. Call today to speak with our professional staff so that you can be cooking outside this summer!

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