Hardscape Trends of 2018 for Paver Patio in Dublin, Ohio

Around the country, home improvement projects are on the rise. With refinancing rates low, homeowners are taking advantage of upgrades that add value and enjoyment to their homes. Popular home renovation shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop show that making outdoor improvements can have just as big of an impact to the home as inside projects. Hardscapes such as fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and paver patios in Dublin, Ohio are the perfect way to extend the home feel to the outside, and McCoy Landscape Services offer the latest hardscape trends of 2018

Paver Patio Trends

Adding a paver patio in Dublin, Ohio is a great way to upgrade your outdoor space. Paver patio trends include the traditional stone pavers, porcelain pavers, and sleek environmentally friendly pavement options. A paver patio is a sure way to expand the home into the outdoors by creating a defined space for entertaining and relaxing—two things that are always trending.

Adding a Kitchen to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor kitchens, from simple to extravagant, are trending in 2018. Adding a kitchen to your outdoor space is an exciting project with many options. Appliances, lighting, seating, and counters are all to be considered in the planning process, which is why it is important to consult with a professional company who offers expert designers and professional builders.

Fire Features

Fire features are another hot trend in 2018. The traditional round, wood-burning fire pits are still very functional and in style, but the smooth lined fireplaces with gas features are also trending. Permanent fire features, such as fireplaces, are stylish and functional. Fire features make a great central gathering point for outdoor entertaining.

2018 Trending Hardscape

Having trouble deciding which 2018 trending hardscape to incorporate in your outdoor space? Why not plan for them all? McCoy Landscape Services has professionals for every phase of the project, from the design and planning, to the building and installation. Whether you are looking for traditional or trendy, classically timeless or very 2018, McCoy Landscape will take the time to understand your style the functionality needs of your space. Begin your upgraded paver patio in Dublin, Ohio today by calling McCoy Landscape Services.

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