Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful outdoor space. A great-looking yard can increase the value of a home significantly in addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property. Furthermore, some landscaping features can improve the functionality of your yard. It is important to note that landscaping is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort, so the average homeowner cannot install a great landscape without professional help. When in need of landscape installation Galena OH residents can count on McCoy Landscape Services, Inc. for effective services.

About Us

We are a licensed landscaping contractor serving the residents of Galena, OH, and the surrounding areas. We have hired a team of certified paver installers and landscape installers who use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to create amazing landscapes. In addition to landscape installation, we also offer landscape maintenance services. Our experts use 3D design technology to create virtual models of the landscape, so you can see how your outdoor space is going to look like before the actual installation. This will make it possible for adjustments to be made before the actual installation begins. It also allows our landscape installers to get the job done right the first time.

Our Specialties

While a perfectly-manicured lawn may be the most important feature in a landscape, it is not the only one. At McCoy Landscape, we also design and install patios and footpaths. We can also upgrade your front entrance to ensure your guests get a great first impression when they visit your home. Since 1977, we have been designing and installing different types of landscaping features, such as fountains, swing sets, small fish ponds and outdoor lighting among other features that our clients want. After the installation process, we can help you maintain the lawn regardless of its size. For the best landscape design and installation service, call McCoy Landscape Services today.

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