A landscape is not complete without a lush green lawn. The grass can either be artificial or natural. Artificial lawn grass is easy to maintain but costly to install while natural grass is cheaper to install but difficult to maintain. Whatever the case, you will need a competent landscape installer to design, install and maintain the landscape. When looking for landscape installation Galion OH residents can count on McCoy Landscape Services to meet their needs. We have been in the landscaping industry since 1977, beautifying lawns, patios and decks in central Ohio homes. We can help you improve the functionality and beauty of your outdoor space.

About McCoy Landscape

McCoy Landscape services is a fully-licensed, certified and insured landscaping contractor. We serve both residential and commercial clients. Our team comprises; landscape designers, certified pavers and landscape installers. Our designers use the latest 3D landscape design tools to create detailed virtual designs of the landscape. Clients can inspect the design and recommend changes to ensure that the final product meets their requirements. We can handle any type of project regardless of size or complexity. Your project might be as simple as installing a new lawn in your backyard or as complicated as installing a small fish pond, water fountain or upgrading the front entrance to your home. In either case, our team is well-equipped to execute the project to your satisfaction.

Our Services

In addition to landscape design and installation, we also offer residential and commercial grounds maintenance. This entails mowing the lawn on a regular basis, irrigation, weeding and renovations. Our services can increase the value of your home significantly as well as make it more functional. In fact, your investment will return as soon as the project is complete. When in need of landscape installation Galion OH residents can count on McCoy Landscape Services for the highest quality service.

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