Landscape Design And Installation in Marion, OH

Landscape Design And Installation in Marion, OH
Most do-it-yourself homeowners who have attempted a landscape installation on their own have inadvertently discovered the value of professional landscape designers. Landscape design is an art form that combines aesthetic features such as color, texture, balance, and symmetry with technical specifications for plants such as Sun/Shade Preferences and Climate Preferences based on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps. Professional Landscape Designers will produce a plan for you that will ensure that your landscaping budget is well spent. In fact, studies have shown that a Professionally Designed and Installed Landscape may increase the value of a home by up to 15% ensuring that your landscaping investment is a sound financial decision as well as a decision that will enhance your lifestyle for years to come.

Our Professional Certifications

The professionals at McCoy Landscape have over thirty-five years of experience in landscape design and installation in Marion, OH. Their design professionals each have over twenty years experience in designing projects just like yours. Their experience ensures that they have the answers to your questions and the solutions for your landscape challenges. In addition to the designers experience, they also have numerous professional certifications. The design experts at McCoy Landscape are Ohio Certified Landscape Installers, Master Certified Horticulturists, and one of them is the area’s only Nationally Certified Landscape Professional.

Design Pros at McCoy Landscape

The Design Pros at McCoy Landscape will meet with you at your property for a no cost initial consultation where they will discuss your issues and what you hope to accomplish. They will then blend your wants and needs with their education and years of experience to produce a Master Plan that is just what you are looking for. Once the Master Plan has your approval, they will prepare a cost estimate to complete the project, often phasing the project out to give you suggestions for completing the project in steps rather than all at once depending on your budget for the project. You will see first-hand why McCoy Landscape has a great reputation in landscape design and installation in Marion, OH.

No Sub-Contractors!

Should you choose to have McCoy Landscape complete your project, it will be installed by some of the best trained and most experienced installers in the area.  McCoy Landscape employs Ohio Certified Landscape Installers and Certified Paver Installers and completes the projects with their own full time staff, meaning no passing the project to sub-contractors.

Contact us today to get started on the best landscape design and installation in Marion, OH.  McCoy Landscape offers a free consultation and guarantee you an excellent exterior solution that will please both your eye and your pocketbook.

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