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“Oh honey, you smell like clippings again! I mean, thank you for mowing the lawn, but…” she looks down at my shoes, “take those off! You’ll get grass stains on the carpet”. Like most guys in my situation, I felt a little frustrated here. I’d done what she asked and mowed the lawn, but now I was stinking up the house and getting things dirty. It felt like a no win situation, and it wasn’t the first time.

There comes a point where you decide your time is worth more than your money when it comes to certain tasks. And there’s certain jobs that a professional can do better. Most of us get our oil changed on the car instead of doing it ourselves. They have better tools and can do it faster than me.

So when it came to landscaping, I started thinking, Why not let someone with a passion do this job I hate? I talked with my wife and she agreed. In fact, she was excited about the plan and wanted a hand in the design choices of course. She asked our neighbor with the best yard on the block if she used a landscaper. We decided we wanted more plants and bushes replacing the lawn so what was left to mow was smaller. I also wanted to leave the mowing to them…

That’s when I called McCoy Landscape.

Enjoy the rich look of a well-landscaped yard for your home or office with help from McCoy Landscape. Our in house design team will help you come up with the right touches. Get the style that compliments your home or office building. Change the look and make your yard more functional and attractive.

How McCoy Landscape makes your yard come to life

  1. Call us to schedule your landscape installation in Lewis Center, OH. Take the first step by speaking to us over the phone. Give us a picture of your dream plan if you have one.
  2. Let us design for your needs. The two big things we use to design your landscape are your lifestyle needs and the look you want to achieve. Already have some ideas for flowers or plant varieties you love? Give us a list and we’ll fit them into your plan. We design based on the sun exposure to your home, your watering preferences, and the amount of maintenance you want.
  3. Meet with our team. On the day of your landscape installation in Lewis Center, OH we’ll do the heavy lifting while you can relax. Enjoy the new look.
  4. Decide on maintenance work. We can help maintain your yard, like our client above who’d had it with mowing the lawn. He opted for a maintenance plan that works better for his family and allows him more time to help the kids with their homework. We can design and install a landscape you take care of on your own or come by for scheduled visits to take care of it.

If you’re tired of clipping an ugly lawn week after week, let us give your yard a beautiful new look.Call McCoy Landscape today at (800) 870-4356 or 844-4McCoys.

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