New Paver Patio in Delaware Ohio

We received a call from a client that we had done some work for previously who was interested in a new Paver Patio in Delaware Ohio. We scheduled a time for an Initial Consultation so we could see the site. The home had a swimming pool with a paver patio surrounding it that had been built in the 1970’s and must have been a real showplace in its day. However, the Swimming Pool had fallen into disrepair and was going to be very expensive to fix.

The homeowner had grown up in this house and then purchased it from his parents and raised his own family there. He had many colorful memories of their family enjoying the patio and pool with family and friends over the years. Even the third generation children had the good fortune to grow up with the current pool and patio.

The kids were now grown and gone and the homeowners really didn’t use the pool much anymore. They had made the decision to remove the pool and update the backyard with a new Paver Patio Delaware Ohio.

The client’s vision was to create a family friendly back yard perfect for entertaining and relaxing. They wanted to incorporate features that would be fun for the kids. They were also interested in an outdoor kitchen.

We prepared a design, both two-dimensional that would serve as a construction diagram and three-dimensional so that the client could see just what the project would look like when completed. We also prepared a budget with the various elements broken out so that the client could pick and choose the features that were most important to them while staying within their budget for the project.

The client decided on a rather simple Paver Patio Delaware Ohio with a Paver Walk Delaware Ohio leading to the driveway. They also chose to have us construct a fire pit area for doing S’mores with the grandkids. In the interest of staying within the budget they chose to forego the Outdoor Kitchen for now.

The biggest challenge of the project was the old swimming pool. It needed to be filled in but needed to be done in such as way that it would not settle in the future because a portion of the new paver patio would be directly on top of it.

The project turned out to be just what the client had wanted. It really updated the back yard and gave them a new outdoor space that will serve as an area for family fun for the next thirty or forty years just like the Paver Patio Delaware Ohio that it replaced.

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