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A house’s curb appeal displays a home’s visual attractiveness and aesthetic charm. Curb appeal presents a first impression—for better or worse. Increase your home’s curb appeal and make a great first impression by installing a paver patio in Westerville, Ohio.

Planning on Selling Your Home?

Whether you plan on selling your home or staying for years to come, curb appeal should not be ignored. Home improvements often focus on interior or backyard spaces, when the face of your home is what family, friends, and even passersby see first. One of the best ways to improve the look of the home and send that inviting, “Come on in!” message is to install a paver walkway. A paver walkway is the guiding route to the home’s entrance, and installing a paver patio in Westerville, Ohio sends the right message while increasing the value of your home.

Walkway Pavers

A paver walkway is a functional outdoor feature, but with numerous design and stone selections, a walkway can also be an extension of the home’s style. There are many different types of pavers—brick, limestone, and travertine, just to name a few. When choosing a walkway paver, keep in mind the texture and color and how this will interact with the appearance of the house. Walkway pavers can be laid in many ways to reflect your own style, and the designers at McCoy Landscape Services can help you choose which material and design work best for your space and preference. Different types of pavers can be mixed to give the walkway multi-texture feel, and adding a border along the paver walkway can help to make the space pop.

The Best Material for Your Walkway

While pavers are not the only material option for your walkway, others, such as concrete and asphalt, have been shown to crack over time. Once a crack appears, it can be difficult to repair in a way that does not look out-of-place as patching is often obvious, and replacement of the entire walkway can be costly. Pavers offer the peace of mind that if cracked or broken, a single paver can be replaced without affecting the entire walkway or looking out of place.

Add Style and Value

Installing a paver patio in Westerville, Ohio is a great way to add style and value to your home, and a paver walkway will compliment this nicely while giving great curb appeal. Let the professional designers and installation team at McCoy Landscape Services help you and your home give a great first impression with a paver walkway that is an extension of your home and an expression of your style.

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