Tips for a Lasting Paver Patio Installation in Lewis Center OH

You can use any material to construct your patio. However, no material beats the pavers. They are easy to install and maintain. They are a bit expensive than other materials, but you save on the cost of staining, sealing, and maintenance. Here is how to ensure a robust paver installation.

Choose a desirable design

Consider professional advice from Paver Patio Installation Lewis Center OH on the best designs for your patio. Choose from a wide collection of geometric shapes, abstract shapes, and colors as you wish.

Dig deep

Contact the water, electrical, and plumbing companies for the removal of any water, sewer, or electrical lines that may be buried under the ground. Gig at least six inches to remove all the roots and make a uniform ground for laying the pavers.

Prevent the regrowth of weeds

The weeds make the slabs unstable and may damage them by penetrating the roots. You can minimize the outgrowth of the new vegetation from the underneath the slabs by laying a landscaping cloth as the foundation.

Create a solid, level base

Compact the surface of the paver by the use of a wacker plate or a tamper. Ensure that the base is smooth and firm for a level paver patio.

Determine where the water will drain

Water damages the slabs and reads to their breakage. It also shifts that soil beneath them, making them come out at the joints and hence become unstable. Ensure that your patio slopes away gently to the direction that you would like to drain the water. Avoid any areas that the water will settle.

Seal the edges

Paver Patio Installation Lewis Center OH companies can assist in ensuring that the edges are tight and sealed together. This prevents the pavers from moving about and out of place. You may use metal, vinyl, or solid cement lip.

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