Whether your piece of this world is a postage stamp sized city lot or a multiple acre estate, few things can set off the curb appeal of your property more than a nicely manicured lawn. While a good fertilization program and irrigation are key pieces to this puzzle, proper mowing is a critical step to assuring that your lawn is at its best at all times.

You wouldn’t want a haircut with dull scissors would you?

Sharpen your blades. Not only will the overall appearance of your lawn suffer from mowing with dull blades but so will it’s health …and possibly even your wallet. At our company, it is standard procedure to sharpen our mower blades each day for all of the reasons listed above.


Mowing a lawn with dull blades “tears” the grass blade rather than cutting it. The result is a whitish hue over the lawn area detracting from the overall appearance


A “torn” grass blade is a weak grass blade. Weak grass blades are more susceptible to disease and insect pressures. The tearing that results from mowing with dull blades also prohibits the grass blade from retaining moisture within the plant which will make it more prone to heat stress.

Your Wallet

The extra work that is placed on you mower when mowing with dull blades could result in more breakdowns and extra maintenance costs. Sharp mower blade cut the grass smoothly requiring less effort from your mower requiring less gas each time you mow your lawn.

The 1/3 rule

As I am out and about talking to potential clients about our services, one common question is “How often do you mow?” The short answer to this question is “As often as it needs it.” The best rule of thumb is to mow often enough that you are never taking more than 1/3 of the grass blade off at any time that you are mowing.

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