Know the Basics of Residential Landscape Installation

The installation of a residential landscape to a new or existing home does not have to be a complex, hair-pulling exercise. With the help of a licensed and experienced landscaping company, such as McCoy Landscape, residential landscape installation Lewis Center OH will envy can be a creative and exciting experience.

Initial Installation Steps

The process can be divided into two phases: design and construction. During the design process, you and the landscaper will bounce ideas around and research the soil, drainage, and lighting in the area.

This is when you will determine the use of the yard, whether it will be a peaceful place of rest, a playground for the kids, or a party zone for the adults. It also is when you will finalize an overall budget for the project.

Landscaping Construction

Companies such as McCoy Landscape can handle both the design and construction of your new landscape. Many designers, however, will sub-contract the actual installation. If this is the case with your project, be certain the designer is available to oversee the installation process.

Installation starts with the preparation of the property. This could include grading for drainage or to level the ground or to create berms for interest. This also is when existing, unwanted features in the yard can be demolished. In addition, the soil may need to be amended to offset overly alkaline or acidic readings, which could be detrimental to the plants you plan to install.

Next comes the actual installation of your yard according to the plan that was drawn up. With the soil prepared, sod can be laid. Masonry crews can build retaining walls, walkways, and patios, while others will create beds, finish the planting, and install lighting.

For residential landscape installation Lewis Center OH trusts, contact the pros at McCoy Landscape. We have the licensing and expertise to take your project from concept to full completion.

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