Pavers are a remarkable choice for residential patios and walkways as they are versatile and durable.  Additionally, pavers have textured finishes that enhance traction and make the surface slip resistant.  They are also available in a vast variety of sizes, colors and shapes.  This makes it easier for you to come up with a design scheme that complements the architectural features and landscape of your home.

With the help of one of our residential paver patios and walks Delaware OH professionals, you can get the look and function you want for your outdoor space.  Pavers can also be used to construct planter boxes, pillars and seat walls to coordinate with other elements of the landscape.

Using pavers to create walkways have a number of benefits.  They create seamless entrances to different areas around the yard.  They can be specially configured to fit into any space, even those with backyard space restrictions.  Additionally, maintenance only involves sweeping and occasional rinsing to remove leaves and dirt.  In comparison to wood decks, other benefits of pavers include:

  • They do splinter
  • They are not susceptible to wood rot
  • They are low maintenance
  • They conserve resources as no tree is ever harmed by the making of pavers

Over time, pavers could settle in spots, especially if they were not properly installed.  However, they can be easily spot replaced to eliminate this problem or get rid of broken pavers.  This will immediately improve the look and safety of the space.  Additionally, if you want to expand your patio in the future, our seasoned professionals can easily add matching pavers to create a seamless transition.

For more information on how pavers can be used to transform your yard from ordinary to spectacular, please contact one of our McCoy Landscape Services, Inc. experts at

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