Residential Retaining Walls are Often a Need for Effective Landscaping of Property

When your property is on ground that is sloping, you may often need to create different levels in it to facilitate the landscaping. It is necessary to build retaining walls to help the earth to stay in place. Residential retaining walls Delaware OH may often be required as per zoning laws in that city, to help differentiate various plots from each other.

Retaining walls can be built of stones, brick, concrete or even metal sheet or wood. They can contribute to stabilizing the soil and slopes in property, and can help to reduce soil erosion. These walls have to be designed to resist the pressure created by the earth or soil that they are meant to retain. Also, many of them may also be required to withstand the pressure of water, which can accumulate in the retained soil. Most retaining walls are built in such a way, that they have drainage devices that allow the water to seep through and thus reduce pressures.

It is always best to leave the design of residential retaining walls Delaware OH to qualified engineers. They will inspect the site and decide on the heights that the walls need to have. They also need to examine the soil that needs to be retained and other local conditions regarding groundwater and drainage. The design of retaining walls is largely dependent on the lateral earth pressure that is exerted by the soil that is retained by the wall. This pressure can depend on the moisture of the soil, with water adding to the weight of the soil and creating additional pressure. The total pressure exerted by the retained earth has to be offset by the weight of the retaining wall and its thickness. Every soil produces a different pressure and engineers may require the soil to be analyzed to determine its angle of repose, which plays a role in the pressure that the soil can exert.

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