Paver Patio in Delaware, OH Paver Patio in Delaware, OH
Fire is the star of every good backyard space. A fire brings people together—whether to stay warm against the cool fall and winter air, or when roasting marshmallows in the fine spring and summer evenings. Not only does a good fire bring people together, it can be a beautiful focal point of your paver patio in Delaware, OH. There are many types of fire features and fuel sources to consider. Understanding the style and function pros and cons can help you choose which fire feature you will be enjoying this year in your outdoor space. There are two typical types of fire features to consider: fireplaces and fire pits.

Outdoor fireplaces are a fantastic focal point. The large size of the fireplace creates an inviting atmosphere. Whether you are cooking pizzas or relaxing with a cool drink, a fireplace is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The size of the fireplace makes this large fire feature dominate the space, which can, depending on the placement, block views. This is also the most expensive option.

If you are looking for a diverse and subtle feature, a built-in fire pit is an economical choice that will look great in any outdoor space. Built-in fire pits allow your group to sit around the fire, creating the feel of a campfire.  When designing your built-in fire pit, it is important to consider seating and traffic flow. The built-in fire pit is a permanent option; therefore, the fire is open and the smoke cannot be controlled as with the fireplace.

Choosing the fuel source for your fire feature is just as important as the feature itself. Burning wood is a traditional and low-cost fuel option. It is less expensive to install and maintain, and firewood adds that “crackling” sound to your fire while producing great heat. Burning wood can be a labor of love as it takes longer to start and extinguish, and also leaves a smoke-smelling residue on clothing.

A more modern option is a gas/propane fuel. Gas starts immediately and extinguishes just as quickly, and can even be controlled with a remote control. You can add lava rock or polished glass chips to give the feature a more contemporary look. The cost of gas is more expensive, and a gas structure does cost more to install and maintain over wood burning features. And while you may not have the lingering wood smell on your clothing after a fire, you will also lose the “crackling” sound and the heat that burning wood brings to a fire.

Before installing your new fire feature on your paver patio in Delaware, OH, consideration should be given to the placement. Whether choosing a fireplace, built-in fire pit, or portable fire pit, the location of the feature must meet local code regulations, which can be verified by checking with the local municipality. When choosing the perfect location in your outdoor space, keep in mind the natural flow of traffic through your outdoor spaces—the fire can be set apart from the flow, such as near the outer borders of your patio. And, as smoke is the natural occurrence of fire, it is best to coordinate the feature with the prevailing wind so the smoke is blown away from the house and entertainment area.

Choosing your fire feature can be a fun and relaxing experience. The McCoy Landscape designers can help you make the best choice and plan the installation. Fire features and paver patios in Delaware, OH go hand-in-hand, and you can be enjoying both with family and friends all year round when you call McCoy Landscape to start planning today.

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