paver patio installation

The perfect choice for walkways, driveways, decks, porches, paths and patios, interlocking pavers are a smart investment, boosting property values through added curb appeal and greater usability for yards and gardens.

Lifestyle investment

Enhancing almost any outdoor area, pavers are more affordable than natural stone. They are also more durable – and certainly more attractive – than poured concrete, which tends towards cracking, spalling and heaving over time. 

Flexible enough to install anywhere, pavers fit in with all styles of architecture, from traditional to contemporary, casually rustic or sleekly elegant. Despite its attractive appearance, natural stone is not always the best choice for every location, and certainly not for every budget. 

Fast installation

As they are uniform, pavers are quicker and cheaper to install; paver patio costs per square foot depend on site conditions, the amount of pedestrian or vehicle traffic, and the specific paver design. Although easier to lay than natural stone, pavers still need solid skills and plenty of experience in making the best use of every square foot. 

Poor workmanship appears rapidly, as pavers shift out of position when poorly laid. Depending on location and gradient, the hardscape base for a paver patio in Delaware should be at least five inches deep, consisting of compacted gravel and sand, held in place with woven geotextiles. 

Expert design

By allowing for slight expansion and contraction, expert paver patio installation provides a safe, even surface that will not buckle over time. By skilfully juggling different shapes and contours, an expert designer turns vacant space into gracious entrances with ample parking, or charming entertainment areas for families and friends. This is where working with a professional paving firm like McCoy Landscape Services pays generous dividends over time. 

Another place where quality counts in paver patio installation is the edging. This adds strength to the underlying structure, with extra eye appeal through cleverly designed banding. Joints are also important, and are best finished with masonry or polymeric sand.six 653

Protecting the environment 

As a final step in paver patio installation, paved surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and then sealed, for added protection against oil and dirt penetration. Repeated every few years by McCoy Landscape Services, this also inhibits moss, mold and weed growth with no need for chemicals, while also keeping insects away. 

An ecologically wise choice, permeable paver patios laid by McCoy Landscape Services allow water to soak into the ground, replenishing aquifers, instead of running off into stormwater systems, often sweeping away valuable topsoil. 

Talk to the professionals

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