Christmas light installation is a major challenge. Why not get some help by someone who can handle the entire process? For more than 20 years, Christmas Decor has been providing lots of holiday cheer. We are a Christmas light installation company that creates impressive displays and provides superior service in order to keep Christmas light installation absolutely hassle-free.

Christmas Decor of Powell provides free estimates for holiday light installation for both residential and commercial clients. Our installers will set up and take down your display for you. Each of your decorations will be carefully labeled for reuse in the coming year. You don’t even have to clear out space in your attic, basement or garage as Christmas Decor of Powell can store all of your holiday decorations for you.

We are even capable of handling all maintenance and upkeep. We will supply a minimum of two service visits throughout the holiday season in order to make sure that your Christmas light installation is looking top notch. If you have lights that go out or any other issues with your holiday display, then the help you need is just one phone call away. Could you possibly get better customer care?

What about the products we provide? Only top commercial grade products are used so that these look better and last far longer than the items that you can buy in-store. Any outdated or damaged decorations will be quickly replaced.

All of your neighbors will envy you. You can be sure that your Christmas light installation will be attractive and unique as each display is original and created specifically for the individual home. When getting ready for next year’s Christmas season, Christmas Decor of Powell can use the same light display or design an entirely new version.

Take some time to visit Christmas Decor of Powell to learn how to receive a free estimate. Keep this year’s Christmas light installation easy and hassle-free!

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