The holidays will be here before you know it, and like most families you will probably be carrying  Christmas lights and other decorations down from the attic. Although putting up holiday lights can and should be fun, it may also be potentially dangerous and before you make a start, the following tips and advice will help you.

Firstly, if you have lights lying around that you have been using for years, it is most likely time to throw them away as old lights can be a fire hazard. You should definitely discard your old Christmas lights if you feel that the lights are giving off too much heat. New technology means that the bulbs on newer lights can be replaced, and they are designed to prevent a short circuit.

For safety reasons, use hangers and hooks which can be easily removed, rather than nails, pins or screws to hang up your lights. This way you also make less of a mess in your walls. To further minimize the risk of injury, get a utility belt to carry all the tools you might need when putting up your Christmas lights.

Certified outdoor lighting is specifically designed to be used outdoors in all weather conditions, and should be used for an outdoor Christmas lights display, rather than indoor lights. Indoor lighting used outside can increase the risk of fires, and short circuits. Be sure to label your lights after Christmas so you know which are for outside and inside use. When setting up outside lights, keep the plug raised off the ground to minimize the chances of water getting to it; you should also make sure extension cords and wires can’t cause accidents or trip people up.

If you want the best holiday lighting display on your block, contact the experts at Christmas Décor! We will create a safe and spectacular display that will have your neighbors talking. What’s more, we will also take your lights down after the holidays and keep them until next Christmas.

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