Landscaping pavers are elements that can turn a bland home landscape into an elegant one. More affordable than stone, more colorful than brick and more attractive than asphalt, pavers are a great way to make your front or backyard an extension of your home’s interior. McCoy Landscape Services is your residential paver patios and walks Powell OH source for the best ideas to make your property the envy of your neighbors.

Two Types of Pavers

Although they come in many different colors and textures, pavers come in two basic types: interlocking and architectural slab. Interlocking pavers are typically used for heavy usage areas such as driveways and patios. Both types contain gravel, sand, Portland cement and water. Texture and durability depend on the construction process.

Interlocking pavers are thicker, made with stiffer concrete mix, and have uniform spacers. Architectural slab pavers provide a more aesthetic look, are made with wet concrete, made to look like stone or brick and have no spacers. Because they are thinner, they are more susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles and are more prone to cracking.

Where to Use Pavers

A paver driveway provides a welcoming look to arriving guests and also increases the curb appeal of your home. Uses for pavers are only limited by your imagination. Because of the variety of textures and colors available, you have unlimited possibilities to create a personalized environment with a walkway, retaining wall, patio or an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. They also ideal as a decorative accent surrounding an in-ground pool.

What’s more, pavers also draw out other aspects of your property such as flowerbeds, bushes and trees. Planting attractive flowers near winding walkways, for example, creates interesting focal points that you and your visitors can enjoy.

To learn more about how you can use pavers in your home landscape in Marion, Dublin, Upper Sandusky, Mansfield and other nearby communities, contact McCoy Landscape Services for a free design consultation.

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