Our Lawn Care Pro’s are really good at reviving lawns that haven’t received proper lawn care, but sometimes you just need to start over!

Lawns that need a fresh start usually have a variety of unwanted grasses such as Zoysia, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue or Nimblewill that can’t be selectively controlled, meaning that the only good way to get rid of these issues, is to spray them with a non-selective herbicide such as Roundup.  We recommend Roundup since it does not leach or move around in the soil and it rapidly dissipates from the soil so that we can reseed within one week of the application.

Many times, lawns that need a fresh start are uneven and need topsoil in order to create the level mowing surface that most people like.

On this particular lawn at a local Condominium Community we had both of the above.  There were a number of unwanted grasses and a very uneven surface. The only way to create the lawn that the homeowners wanted was to start fresh.

We started with two applications of Roundup spaced about ten days apart several weeks in advance of the time the project was scheduled. We did this to ensure that we had eliminated all of the unwanted vegetation prior to starting.


When the project’s scheduled date arrived, we started by using a sodcutter to strip all of the existing turf and then loaded it into trucks and hauled it away. Once we had removed the existing vegetation we turned our focus towards correcting the grade. To correct this issue, we imported Pulverized Topsoil and topdressed the entire lawn. After the topdressing process was complete, we tilled the soil in order to blend the new topsoil with the first few inches of the existing soil; We do this in order to have three to four inches of loose soil to work with.  We then hand raked the lawn to eliminate rocks larger than the 1-2″ diameter.

Once we had the ground properly prepared we were ready to place the sod. Whether we are seeding or sodding, the ground preparation is basically is the same.

In this case, the Homeowner’s Association had approved the additional expense needed to sod rather than seed. We finished the project by installing a top quality Bluegrass Sod which instantly gave the Homeowners the look that they wanted.

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