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A living showcase for any business, its grounds are the first impression absorbed by visitors. And a well-kept lawn subtly indicates that its customers will receive the same care and attention. This is why image-conscious executives feel confident about entrusting their commercial lawn maintenance in Marion to the experts at McCoy Landscape Services

More than just mowing

There’s a lot more to commercial grounds maintenance in Marion than just keeping the grass short. A healthy lawn needs regular weeding and fertilization, reseeding bare patches. Other plants – like shrubs and trees – must also be pruned and mulched at the right season, keeping them healthy and disease-resistant.

All this takes up a lot of time and attention, underpinned by specialized expertise. This is why smart site managers focused on growing their businesses leave caring for their plants to licensed contractors like McCoy Landscape Services. 

Safety first

There’s an even better reason for outsourcing commercial lawn maintenance in Marion: safety! Unpruned or diseased trees can lose branches unexpectedly, with potentially lethal effects, while overgrown shrubs can harbor biting or stinging insects. Poor drainage can result in pooling, where vector larvae thrive, and faulty irrigation can cause slips and falls on slippery walkways. During the winter months, snow and ice are natural hazards that must be dealt with rapidly to ensure safe access for customers, vendors and employees. 

With a full service contractor like McCoy Landscape Services, financially-savvy business owners know that a year-round commercial upkeep plan – ranging from snow clearing to commercial lawn maintenance in Marion – is a smart investment. By preserving the integrity of your landscape, regular grounds maintenance extends the lifespan of this living investment, while minimizing liability risks and safety hazards throughout the year.  

Talk to the professionals

For a free estimate on top quality commercial lawn maintenance, talk to an expert from McCoy Landscape Services at (740) 240-0715.

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