We recently got a call from a prospective client that was growing tired of all the maintenance that was involved in keeping up their current wood deck. They were very interested in the options that were available, including a new paver patio that involved the removal of the old wood deck. Basically they were looking for something that would look good and require a little less upkeep.

We began by meeting with the family to learn more about what they were interested in creating. We also did a survey of the site which involved taking measurements and photos of the existing area so that we could get a better idea of what would work and what would not work.

We then prepared a master plan that included a new paver patio and then showed off the newly proposed space to the client. Additionally, we show the client a 3D movie that we had created to help give them an even better idea of how the proposed plan would look in their yard. This allows the client to be able to determine how they want to proceed.

Once the plan had been completed, including the new paver patio, we were able to discuss the proposed budget for the project with the client. The client was able to approve the plan and they were extremely excited to be able to get started. We were then able to determine a start date for the project and were able to assist the client in selecting the right colors for their project.

We started by removing and disposing of their old wood deck and installing a larger paver patio that was positioned perfectly to get a great view of their Koi pond and their gorgeous wooded lot. We used several different kinds of pavers for the new patio including Washington Pavers and Travertine to create a good deal of visual appeal.

The lower and upper levels of the patio were separated by a raised planter that had been created with wall units in a Canyon Creek color. Accent lighting was added to the walls and pillars to create a beautiful atmosphere to their outdoor space. The lower level of the patio had a gas fire pit added for entertaining.


What would you do if we created a new paver patio for you?

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