Right now is the best time of year to plan your Spring landscape project.  By planning now you and your landscape professional will have plenty of time to work out the details of your project before it’s go time in Spring.  Most people will wait until the first nice day in April to call their contractor, but by then most good landscaping companies already have a back log of 4-6 weeks of work accumulated.  People start calling as early as October to start getting on the Spring schedule and our design staff continues to design and prepare budgets for landscape projects all through the Winter.

Most clients don’t know exactly what they want when they first call, but they do know the area that they want to improve.  They know that they want to replace the old wood deck out back with a new paver patio, or that they want to do something different with the front entry, or maybe they just need to clean up the existing landscape for a Spring graduation party.  Whatever their particular need is, that is where the design staff at McCoy Landscape comes in.  We can provide the client with options and help them navigate the decisions that need to be made to achieve the project of their dreams.

The first step is to get a Plan of what you want the project to look like when it is all complete.  It’s OK if you don’t want to do it all at once.  With the plan complete, you can break the project into smaller pieces that are easier on the budget but in the future, when all phases of the project are complete, the project is cohesive and all looks like it was all done at once.  After thirty years in the business, we are experts in helping our clients break down complex landscaping projects into manageable pieces.

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With today’s modern software we can help you visualize your completed project before any work has been started.

See more examples of our Design work at www.mccoylandscape.com

The first step of the design process is the Initial Consultation.  This is a free service in which one of our designers meets the client at their property.   We listen to what the client is looking for and then ask all the right questions. Then we do a Site Survey which includes doing a sketch of the property, taking measurements and taking pictures.

The next step is the Design Phase where we will take all of the information gathered at the Initial Consultation and blend it with our education and years of experience until we arrive at a design solution that will achieve the clients’ objectives.  Once the design of the project is prepared it is rather simple to prepare a budget of what it will take to build.

We then do a Presentation for the client to go over all of the details of the design.  We then work with the client to revise the plan if and as needed until all of the details are just the way they want them.   With the details of the design worked out, we can then review the budget.

With the budget in hand the client can now make the decision of how much or how little of the project that they want to tackle now and what they want to postpone until the future.

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