Paver Patio Powell Ohio

Paver Patio in Powell, Ohio

Paver Patio in Powell, OhioWe got a call from potential clients who wanted to talk about possibly replacing their wood deck with a Paver Patio in Powell, Ohio. The deck had been installed on this house long before they bought the house last year and it was in need of some major repairs. So rather than simply rebuild the deck, the homeowners had decided to look into alternatives.

Their Patio Solution

At first, they were interested in a Stamped Concrete Patio but after doing some research they found that any type of concrete paving is likely to crack and settle. Unfortunately, once concrete cracks there is no good way to repair it that won’t be obvious. In addition, if the concrete settles it usually means removing and replacing which can be a large cost. The Homeowners decided to look more into a Paver Patio in Powell, Ohio because through their research they had found that if a Paver Patio settles the repair is simply a matter of picking up the affected pavers, repairing the base, and relaying the Pavers. After our first phone conversation, the clients asked to arrange a Consultation to look at their property in person and discuss the possibilities. This is a service that we routinely do for clients and there is no charge.

Brainstorming the Perfect Patio

We got together and looked at the wood deck in the backyard and we starting discussing how the new Paver Patio in Powell, Ohio could be laid out. At first, the client and his wife were visualizing a simple rectangular shape directly outside the sliding glass door leading from their kitchen but, after looking through our Portfolio which had a lot of pictures of other Paver Patios that we had done, their eye’s lit up and they started to visualize the backyard of their dreams. The husband said that he had always wanted an Outdoor Kitchen with a built in grill or smoker and a built in refrigerator. His wife was interested in a fireplace or fire pit for the family to relax around. In addition, they needed a place for a Hot Tub which they wanted to be positioned within a few feet of the Sliding Glass Door leading from their Master Suite.

The Patio Design Phase

What they really needed at this point was a good design to organize the various components into a beautiful and functional space. So we got busy taking measurements and shooting the elevations so that we had all of the information needed to prepare a design. We took that information back to the office and, after about a week, we had a beautiful layout that we thought that the clients would love. We set up a time to get back together and when we met for the Design Review Meeting we showed the clients our Design, which was a Master Plan of the Back Yard laid out to scale. We also showed them a 3D Video of what their new space would look like. They loved the design and were ready to discuss the cost and the schedule.

The Finished Product

We started construction about a month later and the Homeowners really hit it off with our Crew. All of our Crew Members work directly for our company and are not subcontractors like many other firms. Our average Crew Leader has over Twenty Years of Experience and many of them were trained originally by Mark McCoy, who has over Thirty Years of Experience in the Industry. In addition, our Crews are trained in Customer Service and are, simply put, guys you don’t mind having around. In fact, after the Crew left on the last day of Construction, the Homeowner told me that he was going to miss having the guys around.

The Homeowners now have the Backyard of their dreams and have been spending a lot of time in their new spaces relaxing with Family and Friends.

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