Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a tree. The Christmas tree is considered the focal point of the Holiday and the general mood and celebration can be enhanced by use of a real tree and the use of professional Christmas light installers for the outside of your home. However, selection of the tree may present a few challenges to first timers especially. Keep in mind these tips when you go out to purchase your real Christmas tree.

Trees with brown needles should be avoided at all costs. This is an indication of age and an old tree will last shorter duration of time. While shopping try to pull the tree in your direction and if many needles fall out then this is not a good choice.

A good Christmas tree should have the ability to bend without uncalled for breaking of branches. If the branches break easily, the tree is too old and will not be a good tree for the festive period.

Another indication of age is extreme loss of needles when the tree is shaken. The excessive needle falling indicates that the tree may not last for the holiday season. Bounce the stump of the tree on the ground to test the tree. Some needles should fall out but not an excessive amount.

The tree can be cut when you buy it and carefully placed in its stand. Care however should be taken to water the tree before four hours elapse. Otherwise, it will have lost its ability to absorb the water and will die off quickly as opposed to up to 5 weeks for those watered as required.

A special tree for this memorable period will enhance the celebrations. provides information on farms where you can make real Christmas tree purchases. While you’re inside decorating your brand new live tree have Christmas light installers such as Christmas Decor of Powell outside decorating your home for the Holidays! Make this Christmas even more memorable with a real tree and a lighting display by professional Christmas light installers like Christmas Decor of Powell.

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