Residential Landscape Design Delaware OH

When building a home, one of the things people usually envision is having a lush green backyard with beautiful flowers and a white picket fence around the compound. This is a job to be handled by a professional landscape designer. McCoy Landscape has designed and constructed hundreds of residential landscapes in the city of Delaware, OH. You can browse through their portfolio to see some of their previous works. Since every job is unique, the landscaper will sit down with you to learn about your landscaping needs before embarking on transforming your front or back yard.

Residential Landscape Design Delaware OH

Landscaping encompasses more than just establishing a great lawn. There are many other features which can transform your garden to a place where you can relax and have fun. For instance, a water fountain can easily transform your garden by adding life to it. To create the best visual effect, the fountain can be installed in a small fish pond. Other features which can be included in the garden include; a bench, patio and swing set. Footpaths leading to these features or the main road should be paved with marble, tiles or concrete among other types of paving materials.

McCoy Landscape Service

When it comes to residential landscape design Delaware OH residents can count on McCoy Landscape company to create extraordinary exteriors. Other services you can get from the company include; front entrance upgrades, commercial grounds maintenance, patio and footpath design, and installation. Since the lawn, walkway, driveway and front entrance is the first thing guests will see before knocking at your door or pressing the alarm bell, you can make a great first impression by hiring a professional to design and install the best landscaping features on your property. If you’re planning to sell the house, the upgrades can significantly increase the value of your property.

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