To plan your Paver Patio project, right now is the best time of year to be making your plans. Before it is time to get going in Spring, you and your landscape professional will have lots of time to coordinate all the details. Those people who wait until that first beautiful spring day to contact their contractor typically find they are booked already for the next month or so. The truth of the matter is that many people actually strive to get on the Spring schedule as early as October or November of the preceding year, and when they do, our staff continuously prepares budgets and works on designs all through the Winter for their intended landscape projects.

Most clients when they initially call are not sure exactly what it is that they want, but they do typically at least know what areas that they want to improve. For example, they might want to do some changes on the front entry way, spruce up the landscape for a graduation party in the Spring, or get rid of that old wooden deck and replace it with a paver patio. No matter what it is they are looking for, the design staff at McCoy Landscape is standing by to get the job done. We can help them make positive decisions, offer them lots of different options and help them realize all of their dreams.

Step one is to envision what you want the completed project such as the paver patio to look like, and get the Plan in place to make that happen. And if you don’t want everything done all at once, that is okay. With a well formulated plan, the project can be divided into sections that are easier on the budget to deal with, but when it is finally finished, the look created will be one that appears to have all been completed at one time. Our long thirty years experience getting these projects handled well and completed is well documented. And before any work actually even gets started, with the modern software that we use, we can show you what to expect and actually can visualize the finished project for you. You can visit to see other examples of our excellent design work. Those seeking a paver patio will find some great choices here to view.

The Initial Consultation is always the first step of the design process. One of our designers will meet the client at the property to discuss matters, and the Initial Consultation is totally free of charge. We listen to what the client is seeking, such as a paver patio for example, and from their comments, formulate the necessary questions. We then conduct a Site Survey which includes taking pictures, taking all measurements and doing a sketch of the property.

The Design Phase is the next step, where we combine our client’s objectives, our years of experience and all information discussed at the initial consultation, and we put everything together. When that is completed, preparing a budget for a breakdown of all costs is done.

The next step is to go over all design details with our client in the Presentation phase. At this point, everyone involved will see what the intended project will look like, cost and if any changes are requested or needed, they can be handled here. For instance, using the paver patio as an example, at this point the client will see it’s layout and exact cost, and if so desired for any reason the paver patio can be altered or adjusted at this time.

Now, with all information clearly explained and with the budget understandable, the client can decide what to proceed with now, and what to hold off on until later. For your initial free consultation, call (800) 870-4356 today to get started! That new paver patio and other exciting and beautiful projects are only that call away!

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