Fall Lawn Fertilization and Maintenance in Central Ohio

When the growing season is just about over, it is time to think of preparing lawns for the Winter. We usually get one common question at this time, asking if it is all right to use the mower to shred fallen leaves on the lawn.

Our answer is yes, so long as the leaves are not piled too deep in a thick covering. Even if leaves are shredded, a heavy leaf cover allowed to stay on the lawn all winter will result in a thin turf come spring. We at McCoy Landscape recommend raking and bagging leaves if they have built up on the lawn. If you just have a light covering, it is okay to shred them and leave them on the lawn.

For the last time you mow for the season, move your deck or mower blade down a few notches from where you usually have it set. Doing that will help ensure a clean lawn and also to help prevent the growth of snow mold over the winter. If you have someone else mow your lawn, just ask them to lower the blade or deck for that last mowing.

We recommend an application of balanced lawn fertilizer late in the season. The best time to fertilize your lawn is during the Autumn months or late fall, because the growth of the turf is beginning to slow. If you fertilize late it will build a more dense and stronger root system. It will also help the lawn to become greener in the spring.

Application of weed control in the fall will also mean fewer weeds such as dandelions in the spring. If you need help with your fall lawn fertilization or maintenance, call us at 740-375-2730 or visit us online.

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