Although it may look like a simple stack of timber, block or stone, a retaining wall is essentially a specially designed structure built to be freestanding on one side and hold soil on the other. They assist in accommodating grade changes in a landscape that has uneven topography. Residential retaining walls Delaware OH structures often enable steeper slope cuts to produce more usable space on a hillside lot. Additionally, meticulously designed retaining walls can be used to create a level driveway and sports lawn as well.

Poor drainage can lead to frost heaving and saturated soil and as such, a well-designed retaining wall starts with landscape fabric, perforated drain pipe and backfill. The walls are designed to fight against gravity and create a restraint against tons of saturated soil. This soil would have otherwise slumped or slid away from the foundation. The dislodged soil could also cause damage to the surrounding landscape.

In addition to sloped landscapes where hillside erosion is caused by water runoff, retaining walls are also ideal for areas like the uphill side of a foundation that is pressured by sliding soil. They are also ideal for the downhill side that is losing its supporting soil. Spots that are downhill from soil fault lines also benefit from these walls.

Additionally, these good-looking barriers make inviting seats and can add to useful yard space by creating a terrace on sloped properties. This is even more vital as flat home sites are becoming ever scarcer in many different regions.

Residential retaining walls Delaware OH structures can also be used to raise living spaces on level ground so they are placed on top of the surrounding plain. A well-designed wall can elevate planting areas to improve drainage. There are numerous benefits that can be derived from these sturdy walls. You can contact McCoy Landscape Services, Inc., at for further details.

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