Facility Managers throughout Central Ohio have come to depend on McCoy Landscape to ensure that their Facilities are kept open in the event of winter storms.  Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities need to be able to get patients and healthcare providers in the doors, Factories need to be able to get trucks and employees in and out and Stores and Restaurants need to be able to stay open.  McCoy Landscape has many clients in each of those segments and treats Winter Management like an Emergency Service.

With the first signs of winter approaching, we at McCoy Landscape are busy preparing our manpower, equipment and systems to be ready at a moment’s notice.  Contracts are set up in advance so that when a storm approaches everything is ready to go just like an army ready to attack.  Many people don’t realize all of the hours of preparation needed just to be ready whether or not foul weather arrives.

At the first sign of an approaching storm the Snow Commander at McCoy Landscape is on alert around the clock monitoring the weather and road conditions and when Snow and Ice arrives, he mobilizes the Fleet of Snow Removal Trucks and Equipment to run their pre-determined routes, often in the middle of the night.  The trucks won’t stop until the threatening weather does.  That may be six or eight hours or it may be days.  In the event of a major storm that lasts days, McCoy runs twelve hour shifts to ensure that trucks are on the job around the clock.

Many years of experience in the Snow Removal Business has honed McCoy’s skills to be the best in the business.  If you are a Facility Manager and are responsible for keeping your Facility open, call McCoy Landscape today at 740-375-2730 to set up a free Consultation.  For more information, please visit our website at www.mccoylandscape.com.

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